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Drew Dudley creates cultures of leadership by helping organizations and their people “plan to matter”.


The former coordinator of one of the largest university leadership development programs in Canada, Drew Dudley nevertheless embraces the idea that “leadership cannot be taught. It can only be learned.”

“I’ve never thought of what I do as ‘teaching’ leadership,” says Drew.  “For me, it’s always been about trying to find a way to help others explore the concept – what it means to them, and to their communities.”

Drew has helped raise over $5 million as the Founder or Chair of several organizations dedicated to supporting scholarship funds, social entrepreneurship and charitable initiatives, including a record-breaking term as the National Chair of Canada’s largest fundraiser for post-secondary students, “Shinerama: Students Fighting Cystic Fibrosis”.

In Drew’s current role as the Founder and Chief Catalyst of Nuance Leadership Inc., he works with organizations around the world to empower people to increase their leadership capacity. His clients included some of the world’s most dynamic companies and organizations, including McDonald’s, Proctor & Gamble, JP Morgan Chase, and over 75 colleges and universities.

Drew has spoken to over 100,000 people on 5 continents, been featured on The Huffington Post, Radio America, Forbes.com, and TED.com, where his “TED talk” has been voted “one of the 15 most inspirational TED talks of all time” and viewed over a million times.

Drew is shamelessly addicted to The West Wing, and has what his friends refer to as an embarrassingly large stuffed penguin collection for a grown man.

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One of the most articulate, interesting and inspirational speakers I’ve ever heard. I have attended conferences from California to London to Beijing, but I have never heard a speaker who can captivate and motivate an audience like Drew.

-- Dr. Brian Harrington, Oxford University --


“Why do you matter?”

Ask someone you care about that question.

You’ll find that too many people struggle to find an answer. Most of us hope to matter on a daily basis, but unfortunately while hope is a powerful and important part of our lives, it’s a poor strategy for leadership, growth, and success.

The key is to plan to matter each day.

At the heart of the “planning to matter” approach is this belief: cultures of leadership are created when our leadership values are used to drive our behaviour. It takes planning to ensure that happens, and this site will serve as a resource to help you with your personal plan to matter.

Drew has helped thousands of people around the world change the way they define leadership, and helped them create action plans to ensure that leadership is fostered, acknowledged and rewarded in their homes, workplaces, and communities.

If you’ve heard Drew speak, you’ve probably heard him share the following six questions as a way to plan to matter each day:

  1. What have I done today to recognize someone else’s leadership?
  2. What have I done today to make it more likely I will learn something?
  3. What have I done today to make it more likely someone else will learn something?
  4. What positive thing have I said about someone to their face today?
  5. What positive thing have I said about someone who wasn’t in the room today?
  6. What have I done today to be good to myself?

Check back here soon for resources and insights that will help you “plan to matter”.


Toronto, Canada

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What Clients Say

  • Drew brings an incredible amount of charisma and energy to everything he does. He is a talented public speaker, a passionate leader, and perhaps most noteworthy – Drew is someone committed to helping bring out the best in others. Highly recommended.

    Dan Jacob, Co-Chair & Founding Member, TEDxToronto
  • What impresses me most about Drew, and what I feel puts him apart from many of his peers, is that he is incredibly intuitive to the needs of his client, and to the audience to whom he is presenting. When Drew speaks, it isn’t about Drew. It is about you, and me, and everyone else in the room except Drew. I love that!

    Brock Warner, Toronto Young Non-Profit Professionals
  • Drew Dudley represents an inspirational melody of meaningful messages, colourful story illustrations and a true visceral connection to young smart adults. He rocks the audience because he’ll rock your sense of perspective, challenge your thinking, re-frame your paradigm and make you laugh at the same time. Above all, Drew Dudley is credible because he lives and breathes integrity. He knows true leadership depends on deep integrity. The qualities of honesty with self, sincerity with others, respect for human dignity and an extraordinary sensitivity to the human condition in all its manifestations – these are trademarks of Drew. His leadership messages incorporate these universal principles and are delivered with a provocative flair that will capture your attention, move your audience to self-reflection and a living memory of the event.

    Tom Nowers, Retired Dean of Student Affairs, Special Advisor to the Principal & Vice-President, University of Toronto Scarborough

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